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May 8 2012



Why eye protection is essential

Are normal spectacles suitable?

Why visual correction may be needed





Eyewear & Eye Protection


Why eye protection is essential

a)      There can be a lot of high velocity particulate matter flying around the firing line at a shooting venue.  While each individual particle might seem small, due to its velocity it can inflict permanent damage on an eye!

b)      Any burning powder that contacts your eye can inflict permanent eye damage!

c)       Air Pistol pellets that hit a wall outside the pellet trap are notorious for ‘bouncing back’: with sufficient velocity to  inflict permanent eye damage!


Why visual correction may be needed

a)      You should be focussing on, and at, the front sight (see sights and sighting>>)

b)      Unless you are short-sighted (myopic) and your natural focus exactly coincides with the distance to the front sight, you will need some level of visual correction to bring your natural focus to the front sight distance.

c)       While you might be able to focus at/on the front sight without a visual correcting lens, the eye muscles will tire.


Are normal spectacles suitable?

a)      Unless you have an abnormal shooting position (not unheard of, but rare) your head will not line up with your sights – NO!

b)      The best optical effect is achieved when you are looking through, and perpendicular to,  the optical centre of a lens.  The adjustments on specialist shooting glasses enable you to look through, and perpendicular to,  the optical centre of a lens.





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