The Balmain Tilbrook/Williams family tree


This link>> is to the web version of the family tree – as posted 31 Aug 2010, and will not include revisions after 30 Aug until the next time it is updated.


·         The hyperlinks on the left of the page should (!) take you to individual members of the family tree in a reasonable zoom level

·         Each person’s ‘box’ on the tree (should) contain an icon of a magnifying glass in the lower right corner: tapping on this box should bring up further details for that person

·         The graphics are not perfect (!@#$%: I will work on this…)




Please send to Paula so she can update the database: e-mail to mareeford<at> - put an @ in place of the <at>


2010 reunion


Due to popular demand, the next reunion will be Oct or Nov 2012


The 2010 get-together was again held at Dick’s Hotel, Beattie St. Balmain on Sunday 29th August.


part of the group


2005 reunion


The inaugural get-together was held at Dick’s Hotel, Beattie St. Balmain